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My Art



As an artist, I have been painting for a number of years now and have had my art shown at art galleries, yoga studios, Wholefoods, Agape Spiritual Church, restaurants, cafes. I also do murals for adults and kids. I have also painted murals at my son’s preschool in Santa Monica.
My latest creations are decorated, recycled glass jars!


“Nature in all its forms, is an endless source of inspiration for me…the light and the dark and all the colors in between.” 

– Annabel Ruffell

My art is a big part of my journey and I hope that connects with each of you in a unique way.
I also do commissioned work – paintings and glass jars – and I offer prints and giclees of most pieces.
Email me if you are interested in a piece or have questions!


Recycled Glass Jars

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