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"Few of us are aware that the act of

eating can be  powerful statement

of commitment to our own well-being,

and at the same time the

creation of a healthier habitat.

Your health, happiness and the future

of life on earth are rarely so much in

your own hands as when you sit

down to eat."


From the book Diet for a New Amercia

by Tony Robbins

What Journey are YOU on?

Heart Action Consultations

Some of the most common answers I hear from people about not being able to make healthy choices for themselves and

their families are:


1 – I don’t have time for this…Yes you do!

2 – It’s all too much…I don’t know where to start …You start somewhere…

and focus on becoming knowledgeable on that one topic…then move on to the next…

3 – It doesn’t really matter that much, does it? Yes it really does…

4 – It’s too expensive!...It doesn’t have to be…you can make it work…


If you would like some help getting started I can help you with:


– The basics – What to look out for when you shop and suggestions on new food items for you/your kids/your family

– More detailed look into the food/essentials you keep in your cupboards and fridge. Make suggestions on different items

if needed

– Shop with you/for you :)


This is exciting! The more knowledgeable you become, the more empowered you become in your choices! Take HEART Action and your HEART will thank you in every way!




                                 Contact me at: if you are interested! 


The First Step...

*$75 an hour

The Lifestyle...
3 hours for 2!

*$150 instead of $225! 


Great deal! 

The Journey...
7 hours for 5!

*$375 instead of $525!


Great deal!

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