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The inspiration for the logo came from the fact that we are surrounded by the 4 elements: earth, air, fire, water and the 4 directions: North, East, South, West as we journey through life and it is how we journey on earth now that is important, the daily choices we make and direction that we take that affects our lives and the world around us. Just as it is important for all 4 elements to be in balance, it is important for each of us to create balance in our own lives.
All 4 elements impact our environment in different ways and we depend on the resources of the earth to sustain our lives. Water nurtures us and the land, Fire can destroy, yet set the stage for renewal, Air surrounds us and is our breath and the Earth is our home, and provides us with food. The Native American Indian story of Creation teaches that we come from the 4 elements of life and it is our responsibility on our journey on this earth to do what we can to safeguard the environment, protect the wildlife and support humanity as best we can.
“We will be known forever by the tracks we leave.” – Native American Proverb
What Journey are YOU on?
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