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Some of the most common answers I hear from people about not being able to make healthy choices are:


1 – I don’t have time for this…Yes you do!

2 – It’s all too much…I don’t know where to start …You start somewhere…and focus on becoming knowledgeable on that one topic…then move on to the next…

3 – It doesn’t really matter that much, does it? Yes it really does…

4 – It’s too expensive!...It doesn’t have to be…you can make it work…


If you would like some help getting started I can help you with:


– The basics – What to look out for when you shop and suggestions on new food items

– More detailed look into the food/essentials you keep in your cupboards and fridge. Make suggestions on different items if needed

– Shop with you :)


This is exciting! The more knowledgeable you become, the more empowered you become in your choices! Take HEART Action and your HEART will thank you in every way!



$75 an hour

Contact me at: if you are interested 


The First Step...

*$75 an hour

The First Step...
3 hours for 2!

*$150 instead of $225! 


Great deal! 

The Journey...
7 hours for 5!

*$375 instead of $525!


Great deal!

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